Am i truly bisexual quiz

Heres how to tell if youre actually bisexual

I remember a friend telling me that he just showered and that his girlfriend doesnt like oral etc,so obvious today but i never went forward with it. Wow, they’re really good looking. Not he and i and who’ve else he chose to have a play date with. I literally still have to ask people to answer questions about me for personality questionnaires because i can’t do it myself.

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Ever wondered if you’re not 100% straight? this quiz has the answer

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I’ve heard it before, but one thing really puzzles me and very much surprised me the first time i heard about it, namely: I have been an emotional wreck and my husband (whom you would never guess would be into this) is even worse off. But i’m about to drop a major truth bomb here, so hold on to your damn butts.

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