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Why does anal sex cause constipation?

Gastroenteritis or gastro can be dangerous for very young babies. Crucial for all things butt. Although repair of each injury should be individualized, the majority of these injuries do not require concomitant protective colostomy creation. She had an uneventful post-operative course and good continence after 154 days of follow up. Remember too that any object used in penetration can become infected and should not put into contact with e. This case illustrates the pertinent surgical principles that should be observed when repairing these injuries. Just about anything uncomfortable caused it to contract:

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Inflammation and irritation of the rectum and rectal lining cause tenesmus. Fear of pain may put some patients off going to the toilet, increasing their risk of. The risk of traveller’s diarrhoea is higher where sanitation and hygiene standards are poor.

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