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A stream of yellow urine flowed from between her legs down along the pole, forming a little puddle down at the base. Warning: this story is intended for adults only. They started kissing, and rubbing, and soon both stripped almost naked. Probably would end up exacerbating the situation. While i do not know how painful it is- it is not a picturesque way to go- your eyes can get sort of buggy, and your tongue will protrude and turns blackish fairly quickly. Good thing i checked all the comments and saw yours before i made mine. This often results in subluxation of the c1 and c2 elements, crushing the spinal cord against the body of the c3 vertebra.

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Although he never found out if the rumor was true, she did do all the things he hoped she would. I have heard that if you hyperventilate yourself (by breathing in heavily and holding it several times) that you pass out before your natural instinct to save yourself.