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The vast gulf between the imperialists and their victims was epitomized in abadan–a sprawling city in southwest iran where anglo-persian built its oil refinery operation. Its utilization by the u. It was the failure of the british to respond to this idea that led them to explore alternative approaches, in particular the idea of a coal and steel community based upon a franco-german rather than a franco-british axis. By the end of the napoleonic wars, this scenario had been transformed. Petroleum of the middle east.

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(d) so far as the management of major capital projects by government is concerned our vision appears limited and our purpose changeable, at any rate compared with france and germany. But monnet knew by 1950 that the british government was not prepared to make the leap necessary to join the sort of organisation that he was thinking of, one that would achieve lasting franco- german reconciliation and set europe on a new course.

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