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I surprisingly orgasm pretty frequently when he licks me there for a while, or when he uses his finger(s). ) you might try sliding more lightly while ascending toward the chest, applying more pressure while descending toward the penis, with maximum pressure at the navel area. If i (24f) shove my finger in my belly button i can feel it in my groin. We can either keep you anonymous or acknowledge your donation on our donate page. End of the day it’s all nerve endings stimulation that trigger orgasm.

Navel orgasm videos - free porn videos[navel play/question] is it normal that i orgasm from navel stimulation? : sex

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[navel play/question] is it normal that i orgasm from navel stimulation?

Before tonguing her navel take some time to make her sufficiently excited for it by kissing her all over her belly and drawing patterns around her navel with your tongue. Definitely don’t spring and intense navel-fucking on a girl. It’s a far better alternative to having her reflexively punch you in the face because you hurt her, or startled her.