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Utis are straightforward to treat with antibiotics, once your doctor does a urine culture to confirm what it is, dweck says. While the entire incident did not last more than a few minutes, it seemed like an eternity. I knew he was quite sexually active, so to speak, as he had female pornography in the room as well as masturbating frequently to it. Now i’m at this place and a guy from [my last prison] got transfered here and has told alot of people what happened and now its even worse they think i’m a snitch or some one comes and starts homosexual conversations with me. On saturday about 10 or 11 am he tells me that he wants a blow job or he wants to have sex with me. From the people i have known in my 10 years i would say about 50% have been forced to hook up with someone not necessarily for protection but due to survival having necessities or attention.

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The pain is around the entrance to the vagina. At rack time, my cellie and i fought.

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